5 Minute Vertical Ab Workout: Torch Your Core With These 3 Standing Exercises

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What up guys it’s Naveed with Insane Home Fat Loss here today to hit you all with my VERTICAL ab workout, that’s right vertical – All of these movements will be done on your feet. No sit-ups or floor crunches here folks. This will be a great routine for those experiencing low back pain or neck tweaks from the traditional floor exercises.

Workout Breakdown:

3 rounds of the following exercises:

20 Standing bicycle crunches
20 Dumbbell toe touches
20 Dumbbell cross overs

Video Breakdown:

1:58 – Let’s get right into it with standing bicycles.

2:21 – Standing toe touches with the dumbbells, guys.

2:55 – Cross over time – 10 on each side.

4:10 – Round 2, get it going with bicycles

4:31 – Next up, toe touches.

5:01 – Finish up round 2 with some cross over action.

6:18 – 20 bicycles to get the final round going.

6:39 – Toe touches, we’ve got 20.

7:09 – Cross overs – stick with me, guys – this is it!

7:55 – Whew, that was a good one – as you can see, I am really sweating it up over here! Add a few more rounds to really crank up the fat burning results and also try doing this first thing in the morning for a wicked metabolism boost!!! That’s all for now – catch you guys later!

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Thanks again for watching, guys. Building muscle onto my tall frame has been one of the biggest challenges for me so far in my personal fitness journey – But with the proper workout and nutrition guidance, I have been able to pack on some serious lean mass as well as develop an actual, dense six pack; no more skinny, frail dude here! I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my experiences, training routines and weight loss tips that I’ve picked up along the way with you guys!

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