Blast Fat Fast With This Explosive In-Home Leg Workout

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Hey guys, it’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss and today I’ve got another BAD ASS leg workout for you – As I have mentioned in my previous video, the area of your body where the majority of your power and explosiveness is generated comes primarily from your hamstrings and glutes – The bad news is, most guys neglect them… But the good news is, that’s what we’ll be focusing on in today’s 3 round workout.

Workout Overview

Complete 3 consecutive rounds of the following exercise sequence
20 Single leg Romanian deadlifts (10 on each leg)
20 Lunges (10 on each leg)
20 Calf raises (10 on each leg)
10 Double pump sumo squats

Video Breakdown:

1:33 – Round one – Exercise one: Let’s get started with our first exercise, the single leg Romanian deadlift – 10 on your left leg and 10 on your right leg. Be sure to bend forward at the hip and contract your hamstrings on the way down, being sure that you squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement.

1:52 – These do require balance so be sure to go slow and get the complete contraction

3:09 – Round one – Exercise two: The next movement in the sequence will be your basic lunges – We are going to be performing 10 lunges on your left leg and 10 lunges on the right leg.

4:13 – Round one – Exercise three: Now it’s time for some calves. Often neglected, now it is time to take advantage of them. Support your self with the wall or a chair and keep your knee bent as you raise your heel from the floor in this calf raise exercise.

5:29 – Round one – Exercise four: Let’s move into our double pump sumo squats – With a wide stance, slightly direct your toes outward and as you squat to parallel, pulse in this position before returning to the top of the movement for the next rep.

6:00 – That’s the end of round one! As you can see, we are keeping a good tempo and good pace here. With these movements, the object is not to go super fast – Concentrate on the mind and muscle connection to ensure you are activating, squeezing and contracting to get the MOST out of these movements

6:27 – Round two – Exercise one: Now let’s get Round 2 started – back to the first exercise – 10 single leg Romanian deadlifts on each leg.

7:37 – Round two – Exercise two: 10 lunges on each leg

8:25 – Round two – Exercise three: 10 calf raises on each leg

9:13 – Round two – Exercise four: 10 double pump sumo squats

9:47 – Remember, todays workout is not a high intensity interval workout. Today we are strongly focused on developing leg power and explosiveness. This is the power source for all of your body’s strength and mass because the strongest muscles in your body are not your biceps and pecs, guys… The strongest muscles are your hamstrings, quads and glutes!

10:43 – Round three – Exercise one: 10 single leg Romanian deadlifts on each leg

12:12 – Round three- Exercise two: 10 lunges on each leg

13:03 – Round three – Exercise three: 10 calf raises on each leg

13:50 – Round three – Exercise four: 10 double pump sumo squats

14:24 – Great job guys, grab yourself some water – Good work!

I hope ya’ll had a killer workout today! For more workouts, nutrition and tips on how to be like your boy J check out and follow me on Instagram @jonnyelgato

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Thanks again for watching, ya’ll. I know it is tough to discipline your mind to stay committed when it comes to personal fitness goals, believe me – I have been there myself. But I am here to tell you that consistency is the key to achieving your dream physique so be sure you are taking steps, no matter how big or small, in the right direction each and everyday!

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