CrossFit “OPEN 16.3” WOD Demo & Workout Tips – 82 Reps Rx

“OPEN 16.3”:
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Watch the full extended WOD, un-cut:

For the third year straight coach Alexis hosted us at CrossFit Potrero Hill for an Open workout – but this time she was in front of the camera, testing the newly announced Open 16.3 workout with a couple buddies (Josh and George). The three of them stayed very close through the whole workout, with Alexis trailing both guys by a couple reps – until the last minute, when she pulled ahead after finishing the 6th round of bar muscle-ups and got back to the snatches for a few extra reps before the buzzer.

CrossFit Potrero Hill –

Alexis Garrod
CrossFitting 6 Yrs
Trains 4-5 days/wk
Score: 82 Reps

George Blazer
CrossFitting 2.5 yrs
Trains 4-5 days/wk
Score: 77 Reps

Josh Courage
CrossFitting 10 yrs
Trains 6 days/wk
Score: 76 Reps

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