CrossFit “OPEN 16.4” WOD Demo & Workout Tips – 177 Reps Rx

“OPEN 16.4”:
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Watch the full extended WOD, un-cut:

Back to our home box where WODwell’s own Lisa Reither and our buddy Adrian Austin took on the workout right after it was announced. Adrian went out of the gate with bigger sets (5’s) on the deadlifts, versus Lisa with 3’s, but finished just a few seconds ahead. Lisa pulled past adrian with bigger sets on the wall balls (10’s) versus Adrian’s 5’s, then again Adrian passed Lisa on the rower and got to the handstand push-ups first. He got several no-reps, though, and by the time the clock ran out Lisa edged him out by just one rep!

United Barbell / CrossFit SOMA –

Lisa Reither
CrossFitting 3 Yrs
Trains 4-5 days/wk
Score: 177 Reps

Adrian Austin
CrossFitting 2.5 yrs
Trains 5-6 days/wk
Score: 176 Reps

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