CrossFit “OPEN 16.5” WOD Demo & Workout Tips – 18:39 Rx

“OPEN 16.5”: (18:39 Rx)
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Watch the full extended WOD, un-cut:
Watch our 14.5 demo (10:51 Rx):

In 2014 James Kusama and Trent Simmons did 14.5 for us on their way to NorCal Regionals. Two years later we visited James’ new box in Oakland, CA to watch two of his athletes, Ruth and Isaac, give the same workout a shot as 16.5. Both athletes did the workout in 2014 – Isaac as a new CrossFitter, Ruth as an injury-free athlete. The second time around both athletes expected different outcomes for different reasons. However Isaac was disappointed by tightness in his back starting in the round of 15’s, and he did not finish. Ruth stuck to her strategy and grinded through, despite the physical challenge of recovering from injury and the mental challenge of not matching her previous time.

Pacific Strength –

Ruth Galpin
CrossFitting 4+ Yrs
Trains 4-5 days/wk
Score: 18:39 Rx
Previous PR: 15:53 Rx

Isaac Abid
CrossFitting 2 yrs
Trains 3-4 days/wk
Score: DNF
Previous PR: ~21:00 Rx

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