Lose Up To 1 Pound Per Week By Avoiding These 5 Fatty Foods (It’s So Easy)

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Hey guys it’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss – If you remember from last week, I talked to you guys about 5 fatty foods that you SHOULD be eating. Welp, today I’ll be hitting you with the top 5 fatty foods you need to AVOID eating.

By removing these typically overlooked foods from your diet, you will easily shed off excess, stubborn pounds of body fat that has been keeping you from reaching your goal physique.

Video Breakdown:

0:16 – Let’s go ahead and start it off with number 5: stick butter. Solid state fats or saturated fats are in this solid state and they reap havoc on your cholesterol levels as well as increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.

1:01 – My number 4: Vegetable shortening or lard. This is the fat that is completely processed and modified to enhance the flavors of some of the best tasting foods known to man. It is a cheap way to enhance the food eating experience however even small amounts can add up quick in costly calories as well as potential heart related issues down the road.

1:37 – Number 3: Whole fat dairy products. Whole milk and whole cream. Speaking to my coffee drinkers, avoid the heavy fatty creams! If you have to have cream, try sugar free varieties or non-dairy options and be sure to take note of the serving size listed so you are staying in line with the amount of excess calories you are intaking. Now whole milk CAN have benefits in small, controlled portions – Again, be aware of your portion sizes!

2:41 – Number 2: High fat cuts of meat. That cheap ass ground beef you see at the grocery store with 70% protein and 30% fat content is NOT good for you; This type of meat will be the greasy dripping, fat oozing sources that we want to avoid – Stick to 96% lean beef instead.

3:50 – Number 1: ANY junk food. Snickers bars, potato chips, honey buns… Anything that is on the end caps at the grocery stores that is covered in frosting and glaze… DON’T PICK IT UP! These are the types of food that can cause the most damage if eaten regularly as they are completely made up of modified and processed oils and flours that have NO nutritional value for our bodies what so ever. So choosing to eat these food items is the equivalent of literally taking steps BACKWARDS in our goal to optimize health as well as our body composition.

4:51 – The best way to avoid falling to the temptation of these types of food is do not buy them. Avoid cooking with fatty shortenings, stick butters, whole dairy and don’t put snack food in your grocery cart. Say it with me: “Out of sight, out of mind.”

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today – I hope you found my top 5 fatty foods to avoid countdown useful! For more workouts, nutrition and tips on how to be like your body Jonny, check out insanehomefatloss.com – See you there!

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Thanks again for tuning in today. I know how addictive fatty foods can be and it may sometimes feel unbearable to avoid the urge to indulge however you have to always keep in mind that by choosing to eat healthy food choices each day, you are bettering yourself to becoming the NEW you. So every positive step you take, even if it is as simple as not picking up your favorite snack while you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping, is a step in the right direction to achieving a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

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