“MEGAN” CrossFit WOD Demo – 4:07 Rx

“MEGAN”: http://wodwell.com/wod/megan/ (4:07 Rx*)
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Brianna and Zoe did the short “Megan” WOD toether, on an “off” day before a team competition. With both girls attempting to go unbroken this was all about good, quick reps and fast transitions. Brianna finished in 4:07* with Zoe just 7 seconds behind her at 4:14.

* The video shows what looks like a trip on Bri’s last double-under

21-15-9 Rounds for Time
Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)

Brianna Lamb
CrossFitting 4 years
Trains 5-6 days/week
Time: 4:07 Rx*

Zoe Ades
CrossFitting 1.5 years
Trains 5 days/week
Time: 4:14

TJ’s Gym – San Rafael

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