Mobility Tips from Freeletics. Part 1 – Improved Hips Range of Motion

Squat, lunges or sprints – with the right mobility exercise they will all feel much smoother and more efficient.

1. Place one of your legs in front of you as your lower leg should be straight. Your back and your hips remain neutral. Take your other leg back as it will point backwards . Use your arms to support your upper body as you put them on the ground. Drive your hip towards the ground to increase the stretch.
2. The knee of your standing leg should be facing outwards while your foot remains on the ground.
3. Now face away from your standing leg. This will increase the rotation of your hip. If you’re mobile enough, try to push your knee away gently.
4. For advanced athletes: For a different stimulus, you can turn your upper body towards your knee, hug your standing leg and place your other arm (including your elbow) on the ground.

For maximum effect, we recommend you do it before training after you’ve warmed up with the dynamic warmup in the Freeletics App.

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