Quick Roof Top Vacation Workout For Weight Loss (No Excuses!)

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Hey guys what’s up! I am over here in Iran, visiting family and you guessed it – I am getting it in ever while I am on vacation with this quick fat-loss roof top circuit that I put together using the resources around me. It’s ok to get creative sometimes!

Workout Breakdown:

3 Total rounds of:
*20 push-up rows
*10 Burpee tuck-jumps
*20 step-ups

1:22 – 20 push-up rows

1:56 – 10 burpee tuck-jumps

2:30 – 20 step-ups

3:22 – Round 2, back to push-up rows

4:05 – 10 more burpee tuck-jumps

4:45 – 20 step-ups

6:10 – Final round: 20 push-up rows

7:26 – 10 burpee tuck-jumps

8:40 – 20 step-ups

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Whew, today was killer. Even though vacation is a break from mundane routines, getting my workouts in are a must. It’s a lifestyle. There are a lot of simply ways that I make my fat-loss strategies an easy part of each day, no matter where I am…

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