Strengthen Your Abs & Arms With This Explosive Workout

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Hey guys what’s up this is Naveed with Insane Home Fat Loss. Today, I will be sharing with you an explosive basketball workout – We all know the game of basketball requires a lot of jumping, strength and foot work so like the game, this workouts main focus will be on strengthening your core, your arms and your hops (your upward jump capacity)!

0:25 – Workout Overview

3 sets of 10 basketball deficit push-ups
45 seconds of jump rope
10 backboard touches
20 jumping lunges to enhance your hop explosiveness

Now let’s get started!

Video Breakdown:

1:02 – ROUND ONE – EXERCISE ONE – 10 basketball deficit push-ups

1:28 – ROUND ONE – EXERCISE TWO – 45 seconds on the jump rope

2:16 – ROUND ONE – EXERCISE THREE – 10 backboard touches

2:31 – ROUND ONE – EXERCISE FIVE – 20 jumping lunges

2:55 – Grab myself a water break before the next round – it’s got to be at least 100 degrees out here!

3:09 – So this time, I am actually going to be using a different variation – I’ll be using only one ball this time because sometimes, using two balls is a little bit harder

3:20 – ROUND TWO – EXERCISE ONE VARIATION: 10 single basketball push-ups: Here we go, place both hands on each side and get your chest as close to the ball as you can with each push-up.

3:39 – ROUND TWO – EXERCISE TWO: 45 seconds on the jump rope: Try to focus on keeping your wrists still during this exercise

4:33 – ROUND TWO – EXERCISE THREE: 10 backboard touches

4:50 – ROUND TWO – EXERCISE FOUR: 20 jumping lunges

5:15 – I am burnin’ up, but we’ve only got one more set!

5:23 – Grab myself a little water and give myself a little time but not too much time – We’ve got to stay disciplined on knocking these three rounds out!

5:40 – ROUND THREE – EXERCISE ONE VARIATION: 10 single basketball push-ups

5:58 – ROUND THREE – EXERCISE TWO: 45 seconds on the jump rope

6:54 – ROUND THREE – EXERCISE THREE: 10 backboard touches

7:11 – ROUND THREE – EXERCISE FOUR: 20 jumping lunges

7:33 – I hope ya’ll enjoyed that – and it wasn’t something I just threw together; we used to do this everyday in college – and we WON, so this workout definitely works

7:41 – Let me know if you guys enjoyed this and for more nutrition and workout tips, look at and don’t forget to follow me, @naveedmarty on Instagram – DM me for any other ideas, sports workouts you’d like to see!

7:53 – Get Toned Legs Now With This Unique Style Of Training

8:00 – Catch ya’ll later!

8:04 – Behind the back overhead basketball toss… NAILED IT!

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