The Truth About The Paleo Diet And Weight Loss

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Hey guys what’s up it’s Naveed here to discuss the widely popular diet question… Why go paleo? Welp, because it WORKS.

Whether your main goal is fat loss or maybe you are looking to get healthier and feel better – you’re not alone. Paleo was the most googled diet in 2014, and chances are you have at least one friend who swears by it – and I am here to give you the breakdown on how to revamp your weight loss and health goals with my paleo 101: the basics!

The reason WHY “going paleo” has become a mainstream solution for extreme weight loss and general wellness is because foods that are considered “paleo friendly” options EXCLUDE modified, hydrogenated, genetically altered foods.

Video Breakdown:

1:50 – If it wasn’t around 1,000 years ago, DON’T EAT IT (caveman diet). Foods that existed 1,000 years ago did not contain the added artificial sweeteners, shortenings, processed garbage that has become mainstream in today’s Western diet. It’s for this reason that we see many weight related health issues becoming chronic and even deadly issues world wide. Cavemen survived off raw veggies, animal meats, nuts, berries – pretty much anything that could be hunted and gathered – It’s these various foods that provide clean fuel to power their way of life.

2:00 – Paleo foods are the most nutrient-dense foods you can get – When you start including processed or modified or sugar-packed foods, the nutrition goes down while the caloric load goes up.

2:53 – Here’s a look at what food options are considered paleo and not paleo (check out the lists that are in my hands) – press pause, screen shot, and save this so you guys can stick to the foods that work when you are grocery shopping.

3:20 – Making the diet transition can be difficult – especially if your current diet consists primarily of food choices that are on the “no” list…

4:15 – If you want to ease into the paleo diet, start by removing all processed foods from your diet. Then, continue to eliminate things one at a time.

4:40 – I challenge YOU to cut out refined sugars and preservative packed food options as your first step – I guarantee that you will see and FEEL the results within the first few days.

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Thanks again for tuning in this week, guys. Before I started cleaning up my diet and training right, I really had a tough time being comfortable in my own skin. Trust me, I know the feeling of being a bit lost and not really knowing where to start when it comes to reaching the goal of your ultimate fitness level but trust me, if you follow my guidance – you’ll get there in no time.

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Catch ya’ll later!


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