The Ultimate Guide To Meal Prepping (PART 1/2)

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Hey guys what’s up it’s Jonny here today at mi casa to dive into my personal food prep for the week. That’s right – I will be showing you how I prepare all of my meals for the week right here and now, straight off my grill.

0:22 – Let’s start with chicken. The key to cooking your chicken is to cook it on medium – this will make it juicier and keep the meat from getting dry during the week. Also, keep your trays handy. Prepping with the right pans/trays will make the cooking process much more efficient.

1:10 – So as you can see by my temperature gauge, I’ve got it set to medium – Be sure to let the grill warm up for about 5 minutes before adding your meats.

1:20 – Next I’ve got this nice salmon fillet I picked up from the grocery store. You don’t need to be super strict about the salmon being wild caught vs farm raised.

1:42 – I’ve got some no salt seasoning to add here. Fish has a lot of sodium in it already so that’s why I choose to add the salt-free seasonings – We are going to cook this on medium as well.

2:03 – This will be a quick cook – over cooking fish will make it unbearably dry.

2:44 – I will let this cook for maybe two to three minutes on each side just so it is a bit raw in the middle to keep it rare enough so when you microwave, the fish stays deliciously juicy.

3:50 – This is going to be fantastic for getting in healthy fats, those omega 3’s as well as a great protein source

4:25 – I like to leave my grill on high for 5 to 10 minutes to clean off the grill – A clean grill is always a good grill! And don’t forget to turn off your gas!

4:51 – Alright now let’s head inside for the vegetable portion of my meal prep. I’ve cooked up my asparagus with my steamer pot, fresh broccoli and cauliflower.

5:22 – And now I am just popping out my green beans which were previously frozen so it was as simple as emptying out the bag into the baking tray!

6:58 – This meal here is a bit leaner – it’s chicken breast and broccoli, as I am actually going carb free this week. I’ll be adding some healthy fats to this meal, definitely some coconut oil.

7:30 – I hope ya’ll got some good pointers and tips on nutrition today. Tips on how to prepare your meats and your veggies and overall getting that food prep down!

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys – This was part one of a two part series on food prep. Stay tuned for part two where I dive into the details on measuring food, tupperware choices as well as fridge organization tips to make your food prep a simple, smooth part of your every day fitness lifestyle. Catch ya’ll next time!

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Thanks again for tuning in guys – Food prep is an essential portion of my lifestyle and before I learned the tricks of the trade, it was very tough to manage my weight properly… I am totally stoked to be able to share my tips and experiences with you all so that you have a fail-proof guide to making the nutrition portion of your fitness transformation a piece of cake. Diet friendly cake 😉

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