The Ultimate Guide To Meal Prepping (PART 2/2)

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Hey guys what up it’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss here to pick up where we left off on my “Ultimate Guide To Meal Prep” series, showing you how to make eating clean a piece of cake. Not a real piece of cake… But you guys get it!

0:16 – If you tuned in last week, I hit you guys with tips and tricks regarding the preparations and the actual cooking of your meats and veggies – TODAY you will see the harder part: the weighing, portioning and measuring of your foods to make for ideal meals to incorporate into your daily diet.

0:37 – Tip August 2015: Clean as you go. YOU’RE WELCOME!

0:53 – With your chicken, pre-cut your meats into smaller portions, it’ll make it easier to portion.

1:16 – First, get yourself some tupperware.

1:50 – Next, the scale. An easy digital scale will give you precise portions to ensure you are getting your macro nutrient counts in and on point!

4:03 – You can eye out your veggies, even though there are calories here, there is also a lot of fiber and this helps your digestive tract stay clear.

4:40 – Variety is great for veggies. You can see I’ve got green beans, broccoli and some asparagus – switch it up so you don’t get BORED!

5:05 – Chicken, beef and salmon are typically my go to meat choices.

6:05 – So check out this demo meal: Grab the veggies (about 1 cup), place it right on the scale and zero out the scale. Now, add chicken until you reach 6 oz. Next, grab a table spoon measuring utensil and scoop out 1 tbsp of coconut oil and BOOM – meal complete! Lid it up and store in the refrigerator.

8:35 – Another tip for storage, dry erase markers. Date them or write which meal it is in the day… It could not get any easier, guys.

9:20 – Well guys that is a WRAP on meal prep – I urge you to try this yourself. Grab your groceries, get home, prepare your foods and divvy it all out. I promise, it’ll be well worth the time!

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Thanks again for tuning in, guys. I know that getting your diet game right is a mentally tough task to stay committed to but with the meal prep process that I have adopted, I guarantee that you will see faster weight loss results than ever before.

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