The Ultimate Secret-Weapon Superfood For Weight Loss (Revealed)

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Hey guys what up it’s Naveed with Insane Home Fat Loss here to talk to you guys about one of my absolute favorite healthy fat morsels, the avocado.

Video Breakdown:

0:28 – It seems like a “trendy” food item these days as it has acclaimed “super food” status but the truth is, the benefits of eating avocados have been well known for a long time.

0:45 – When it comes to food choices, imagine 3 categories: red light foods, green light foods and yellow light foods. Green light being the best, red signaling the worst and yellow signaling choices for moderation – Avocado is at the top of the green light list.

1:02 – This is true because avocados actually contain everything you need to sustain you long term – The macro and micro nutrient count contained in a single serving of this food supports the human body’s ability to survive – even if you were banished away on a lost island, if you had avocados there, you’d make it!

2:05 – In recent studies, it’s even shown that avocados beat out bananas when it comes to meeting your potassium needs.

2:29 – And there’s more… Consuming the healthy fats within this food will actually enhance the absorption of anti-oxidants found in leafy greens and fruits – So if you are making a salad, be sure to throw a serving of an avocado onto it to reap all of the nutritious benefits!

2:59 – Be sure to avoid fat and sugar packed dressings when making your salads as they can dramatically hold you back in your efforts to reaching your ideal body weight goals.

3:04 – Always read the label on anything you’re eating – especially the salad additives.

3:10 – I hope you guys got your facts straight on avocados now and if you’ve got even more details that I didn’t cover, share them with me! Share me how YOU use avocados in your daily diet by tagging me in your Instagram pics @naveedmardi.

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Thanks again for tuning in, guys – Sharing my diet tips and weight loss advice is such a rewarding experience because I remember what it felt like when my fitness mentors and gym idols took the time to share their guidance with me – and it changed my life forever!

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