BeFiT Belly Blasters: Core Strength & Shred Workout for the Abs- Nicola Harrington

BeFiT Belly Blasters: Core Strength & Shred Workout for the Abs- Nicola Harrington is a hardcore, 10-minute calorie-blasting abdominal workout that combines strength moves with cardio intervals to incinerate fat, shred the obliques and start you on your way to sexy 6-pack abs as you tone the entire body. Keep the chest lifted and the core tight as you work multiple muscle groups simultaneously with Multi-Continental Fitness Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, and Mother of 3, Nicola Harrington in the third ab-sculpting segment from the all new “BeFiT Belly Blasters” Fitness Series, only on BeFiT! Unleash your weight loss potential and improve posture as you strengthen the back, shred the abs and tone the shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs, glutes and obliques with high-octane moves like high knee march, jogging, side knee crunches, rear lunge to torso twists, side lunge to low reaches, mountain climbers, seated dumbbell twists, plank jacks, diver’s reaches, rocking plank to side knee crunches, hollow man cradles, burpee push-ups, toe taps, quad stretches and more that are sure to deliver maximum results fast! This routine can be modified to suit any level of fitness. You will need a dumbbell, towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout. Tune in to BeFiT weekdays for newly-uploaded FREE workouts from your favorite trainers. Nicola Jayne’s abs are toned, defined and rock-hard – and her Belly Blaster series is the perfect way to melt fat and tighten your core for lean abs this summer! Through five, 10-minute workouts, Nicole will lead you through moves to set your core on fire, up your metabolism to burn fat and sculpt a hardened, defined six-pack that you’ll love. Click here for more Belly Blasters Workouts:

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