“Hang In There Partner” is a good little 20-minute warm-up WOD to do with a partner: https://wodwell.com/wod/hang-in-there/

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“Hang In There Partner”
EMOM (with a Partner) in 20 minutes
5 Thrusters (95/65 lb)
5 Burpees
While partner hangs from Pull-Up Bar (we used Rings)

Partner A has one minute to finish the reps. Whatever time is left in the minute is rest time. While Partner A completes the reps, Partner B is hanging from a pull-up bar. Switch every minute.

We originally found this workout in a list of partner WODs posted by menshealth.com, but I’m not sure who originally created it. It’s not as intense as a typical CrossFit WOD.

We (Nik and Jeremy) thought this would be more of a warm-up than a workout, and it was. The main challenge was trying to keep the thrusters and burpees around 24-28 seconds per round. To up the difficulty next time we’d add one thruster and/or burpee to each round – or add a little weight to the thrusters. Even one extra rep each round will make a difference. You could also scale up the difficulty of the hang (eg: knee raise or L-hang, or weighted hang with a dumbbell between the legs).

Overall, this workout was (and EMOMs generally are) a great way to get nice and warm before a fast sprint-type workout – which is exactly what we did.

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Jeremy is a 42-year-old “masters” athlete (205 lb) who has been CrossFitting since 2011 and works out mostly in my home garage these days. Along with my wife, Lisa, I’m a co-creator of WODwell and wodwell.com

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