Ponte En Forma Con Yoga: Abdominales y muslos- Wai Lana Yoga

Ponte En Forma Con Yoga: Abdominales y muslos (Abs & Thighs- level 1) from Yoga Icon, Wai Lana is an effective 9-minute strengthening routine that uses a unique series of Yoga positions to active the core, challenge the abs and shape lean muscle throughout the hips, thighs and legs for slim and sexy lower body results. Release tension and relieve anxiety as you lengthen your lower body with World-Renowned Yoga Icon, Author and Designer Wai Lana as she guides you through this core-strengthening exercise series that is designed to lift and firm the thighs & buttocks as you sculpt definition and alleviating joint stiffness throughout the entire body. Increase circulation and let go of the stresses of the day with this result-driven workout that you can do anywhere to awaken the spirit, shrink the waistline and be left feeling refreshed and renewed. Become the best version of yourself through the power of Yoga as you move further along the path to inner balance. No matter what our age, occupation, or status, we all need a sanctuary from the demands of modern living—to prevent loneliness and emptiness and to promote harmonious relationships for healthier living. This workout requires only a Yoga mat and is great for all fitness levels. These exercises can be taken with you everywhere and are perfect for those that work on computers for extended periods or anyone in a stressful work environment to relax the body and sharpen the mind. Transform yourself with Wai Lana Yoga on BeFiT. Tune in weekdays for newly-uploaded workouts to re-shape your body and transform your lifestyle. Click here for more Yoga workouts from Wai Lana and more of your favorite fitness experts: http://bit.ly/HCEl8M

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